What We Do

We drive revenues and build audience through compelling content and innovative interactive mobile tools. Our services include mobile technology and development, messaging and lead generation, comprehensive competition modules, content creation and distribution platforms.


Yes, we build mobisites

We design and develop branded mobile portals and mobisites that capture consumer attention and retain interest. Our technology is top drawer. We tailor mobisite functionality to meet your requirements, whatever they may be. Inform. Entertain. Reward. Engage. This easy to remember mobile mantra is a useful guideline for mobile success.


Short and sweet’s the way to go

Our central mobile media hub is manned by a team of mobile content creators who understand the need for brevity and efficiency. For up-to-the-minute news alerts, sports updates in real-time and the latest daily gossip snippets – our mobile newsroom has it all. Our content library includes a wide range of daily SMS services in various local languages, suitable for download or subscription models.


Effective messages - delivered effectively

Your message – delivered directly to your customer’s mobile phone: from basic SMS text messages, through interactive text messages or entertaining MMSs to made-for-mobile video ads, competitions and quick response mechanisms that build your opted-in database, and much more. We have the solution to nurture and grow your mobile audience and turn the fan of today into the client of tomorrow.


Because it’s fun to play

The mobile phone is a highly versatile tool. But it’s also a toy! Games and apps are a great way to complement your brand strategy. Ever tried a mobile scavenger hunt? Or an interactive challenge using music, sport or other skills? QR codes that scan through to mobisites, videos, vouchers, tickets, games, surveys, info-pages and loads more. Advergaming is the new buzzword – we’ll get you playing!


We move with our audience – Coming Soon

We understand the media consumer’s need for mobility and are meeting that requirement with the creation of Mobile News Network. Currently under development, MNN.mobi – the news portal for readers on the move – will be launched in Q4, 2015. Capturing the essence of every story in 100 words or less, MNN.mobi will bring its readers an intelligent synopsis of the latest news spanning a variety of verticals from business to sport, entertainment, technology, finance, glamour, gossip and more. We move with our audience.


We’ll help you make the right moves

As a publisher today, don’t expect your audience to take a seat and give you its undivided attention. Because that was then and this is now. Now the audience seeks you out at its convenience – makes its own choices about the when, the where, the how. To be relevant, your publication must be available anytime, anywhere, in any format and on any mobile screen. We’ll help you plan and implement a mobile publishing strategy that works for you.